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Destination to Garden of Eden

By: Chris in Yucaipa

Well, we did it with an emphasis on the word, WE:

First off the meat was really good. The goat took about six hours (hunting for it all day in the town of Yucaipa. Leo made the first strike with his bow and arrow from his horse while Vince threw his net over the running, bleeding animal while of foot. It was impressive, right there in front of traffic at the intersection of Yucaipa Blvd. and 1st St.then they returned with the kill back to the tribal village) to cook it on a rack with the design taken from an Argentine BBQ. (The tribe was in full swing when the hunters arrived back the village)


     Going for a RideActually, I picked up the goat in the back hills of Temecula earlier that morning.  The road to (the farm) was the one less traveled with few markers on it so visitors with any doubt to their journey would return back to where they began.  The road was something out of a cartoon where the curves and heights seemed like they belonged to the earth instead any terrestrial owner.   The road near the Garden was super narrow, however it was designed specifically for what I had…a motorcycle.

Going for a Ride - Image of whole goat on back of BMW Bike


     My destination was called (Garden of Eden) 
http://ranch2fork.com where I met the steward of the Garden. Translation of his name means the Shining Star.  For me he was Adam who was in the Garden, he was so happy there, in addition I saw no women with apples!  Few traveled this far and the Shining Star told me that someone else is coming however they are probably lost and he would need to go look for them.  Before leaving me he sent me into his forty acre garden so I could bring back fruit with me.  Off I went with my backpack in hand pulling fruit or organic shapes off trees that I never have seen before.  On top of the crest you could see the Pacific and the magnitude of his property.  The other person who was lost was coming to pick up a half of cow.  All of the animals are grass feed and from that is his fertilizer for the trees. FYI the (Garden of Eden) has five micro climates. 


     Cooked Argentinian StyleBack with the tribe in Yucaipa, Leo maneuvered the different angles of cooking the goat while I did a three rib bone-in roast on the back BBQ.  The rib eye roast came off at 6 PM just in time when Latinos began arriving and Americans leaving.  One of the arrivals was from Ecuador and he did a documentary on South American illustrators and left a disc with me.  It is called “Night of the Broken Pencils”.  As the forty-ish documenter was sitting in front of one of the fires he reached out and said, Chris when I grow up I want to be like you.  He didn’t need to be like me but it helps to grow up before growing old sometimes.  I would have a good time doing what he does also.

Cooked Argentinian Style - Image of whole goat in open fire



Going back to the goat, Jon the neighbor contributed with a temp gage to remove any doubts on when to take it off.  More fires were lighted in the back for dancing around and Leo began serving it up el cabrito to a hungry tribe.


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