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1/2 a cow! seriously!


No, not “have a cow” but rather, half a cow.  We purchased half a cow.  Quite an adventure actually.  This is what half a cow looks like.  The blue bag is bones for the dog or for making stock.  We were pretty much in shock- it really did not seem all that overwhelming when the ranch owner gave us three manageable boxes and the bag.  But, then, we got home and emptied the boxes and it seemed to really multiply.

- ranch in Temecula- http://ranch2fork.com/ It was our first time there.  First time buying so much meat at a time.  This is a big experiment for us.  This is grass fed beef, so much better for you.

Mike and I grew up in the midwest, raised on lots of sweet corn and hamburgers/steaks/roasts.  We moved to California a very long time ago and trended toward chicken and fish.  I always thought people from California were more focused on eating healthy than people in the midwest but what I really found is that midwest beef (at least 20 years ago) is much better and the chicken and fish in CA are so much better than in the midwest.  Just my preference.  So, I trended away from beef and toward fish.  And, you read so many articles about heart health and that it is better to eat fish.  But, now there are even more articles about pollutants in the ocean, mercury in fish, pesticides on vegetables, growth hormones, genetically engineering food, processed food.  Frankly, it is rather sad.  So, we are moving toward growing more veggies- fun, tastes better, right there available from garden to plate.  And, we thought we would try this ranch and see what we thought of the meat.  Plus, it was very inexpensive.  Now, I am not sure how much of it we will eat- the tail? neck? knuckles?  We are going to experiment!  And, they provided us with some very low fat ground beef.  But, we even purchased a meat grinder (has not arrived yet) to experiment on our own.  This is part 1…

Oh, and they have goats that wanted to be petted and when I stopped petting one, she licked my hand until I started petting her again!  A fun place and a start to a new adventure.  More to come..


Mike - San Diego




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