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Nourishing our Hearts

By: Bonnie in Carlsbad



On Tuesday my husband learned his mother (who has been ailing) had
started to decline. We put one of the larger top sirloin packages into
a cooler and drove up to ... that evening, where the family kept
vigil through the night. My mother-in-law passed away the next
morning, surrounded by her children.

After a night of very little sleep, Wednesday was exhausting for all

of us, making funeral arrangements and doing the general business that
surrounds a death. But that evening my husband sliced up the sirloin and
grilled steaks for everyone present. It was incredibly comforting for
all of us to have such a good meal together after an extremely
difficult and overwhelming two days. Literally, it was comfort food.

My husband and I are home now, gathering fresh clothing and two more

packages of beef, which we're going to bring up to cook for the guests
and family that are coming in during the next few days. We're going to
serve steaks on Saturday, and a roast after the funeral mass on

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your beef was to our

family, nourishing our bellies as well as our hearts.


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