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27475 Ynez Road # 156, Temecula, California 92591

There are several factors that makes our beef cattle very special.  These factors contribute not only to many health benefits but also to the incredible taste and flavor.

Here are some of the factors:

1) Young and healthy livestock.  Average age of processed cattle range from 15 months to 2 years of age.  

2) Grass Fed cattle.  Low in fat and Cholesterol, high in omega 3, grass fed and finished.

3) Processed in the most Humane approach, following strict “Halal” method.  Handling of animals in such gentle and respectful manner removes fear and the release of bad / harmful enzymes, providing healthier and superior quality beef for consumption.

4) Aging, by placing beef in cold storage just above freezing temperature with high airflow reducing level of liquids in the flesh.  This process makes the beef very tender and less “chewy”.  Commercial beef is not aged, or only aged for a short time often under 12 hours.  

5) Fresh Delivery.  We time our delivery immediately after aging, and shortly from time it was deboned, cut and packaged.  

6) Convenient packaging, having the entire beef deboned (except few primal cuts) which contain bones, placed in small meal sized beef packs.  Each package is labeled.  Each cattle is divided in two equal halves or four equal quarters for easy split up between friends or family members as per your order request.

7) Sealed Freshness.  Enhanced freshness and taste with vacuum seal packaging.  Our clients tell us how occasionally they may forget few packages of steaks or roasts at the bottom of their freezers for an extended time (2 years in some incidents) and as they prepared it, it tasted so good, absolutely no distinction from fresh beef that was received in days!

Yes, simply put a note in the “Comments for us” box during checkout.  We are happy to do it and comply when possible.

The weight listed on website is gross weight, the actual weight at time of processing.  Net weight or take home weight, is the amount placed inside the boxes delivered to your home. See page titled Dry Age for more details. 

In short, due to weight shrinkage during aging and trimming, you can expect about 50% – 55% net weight.  For example, a 1000 lbs beef may yield  about 550 lbs take home.

No, we deliver in our own trucks.  Beef requires special handling, must be cold at all times. 

Upon placing your order, you will receive order confirmation and estimate of delivery date.  Within few days of the delivery time, you will receive a second notice with actual schedule date and time to expect your delivery.

We ask all customers at time of delivery to inspect the boxes and make sure the beef is delivered very cold (below 40 degrees), then immediately store in the freezer.  

We can change or cancel your order or issue a full refund so long your beef has not been processed.  Once your beef is slaughtered, we are unable to change, cancel, or refund your order.

We consider Florida Beef Farm to be a small business, processing under 500 heads annually in Florida.  Currently all our business is dedicated Farm Direct to Consumers.  We are fortunate to be sold out year after year. 

However, we are considering expanding our operation and reach 1200 heads per year in future, this may provide opportunity to allocate a number of cattle for resale business. 

Please tell us about the nature of your business, and if you are able to take entire processed beef, and number of heads required monthly.  Thank you.

The beef is the best, and I mean that. I’ve brought beef from Alasaka to Ohio, all organic, and your is the best. The meat is sweet with a very balance flavor. Haven’t tried the lamb yet. And my wife loves the jams and honey.

Gary – Temecula


Thank you so much for the beef! Tonight I roasted the knuckle roast, and it is divine! It is amazing how the grass fed beef doesn’t shrink. There is enough meat left over for two more meals. Our friends that we split it with are happy as well. The woman that received the organs was shocked at the quality. She is also getting the fat rendered and plans to make candles among other things.
Thank you so much, I will be calling you mid November to talk about purchasing a lamb.
Lisa – Ventura


 I can’t explain how good an experience this was.  Thanks for everything and I will be recommending people to you and hopefully getting you more business.  

Thanks so much, I’m truly elated with this experience!!

Jose – Califonia City


 Thanks soo much. It was a pleasure meeting with you and we really enjoyed the fruits and meat. The quality and taste are fabulous.

I look forward to getting more!

Khalil – Los Angeles


 Two of my guys tried the meat last night and both have told me this morning that this is the best meat they have ever tasted.  We will definitely be placing another order.

When do you think you will be accepting orders again?

Penny – City Gym


 I hope you are well and your family are well.  

Last April we bought lamb, goat and 1/2 a cow from you. The meat was fantastic and lasted us almost a year ago. Next month we will have run out, so I am contacting you to see whether you will have more animals ready in March/April. 

Please bear us in mind, and perhaps add us to a wait list, if they are not quite ready. We would ideally like to buy half a cow and a lamb. 

kind regards,

Maria – Fallbrook


 You’re the man!  Just wanted to let you know that everybody was very pleased with the cuts of meat they received, and the vacuum pack is wonderful. Thanks again! Will be in touch.

Always a pleasure working with you

Randy – San Diego


  We so enjoyed seeing your beautiful ranch and animals. The meat has been amazing! We’ll definitely be in touch with you again and will try to direct some more customers your way as well!

Denice – Vista


 We bought your halal goat meat before and enjoyed it a lot.  We’d like to order more now.  What’s your web site and address again?


Jinwu –  Lake Elsinore


 It was so nice meeting you this Saturday. We enjoyed visiting your ranch and doing our kurbani there. Thank you for your hospitality,

Lejla – Fresno


 It was very nice meeting with you … we should thank Allah(swt) for creating us this kind of opportunity because the meat what we got was one of the tastiest we ever cherished in our life, this prompts me to come back to you again and I will coordinate the visit later with my friends. 

Shaik – Tustin


Just wanted to say best beef I’ve had in years and I have already people lined up to come back with me in a few months.  Thanks again.

Keven – San Bernardino

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