Just like “Car-Pool”, the concept is very simple.

You avoid traffic, save time and energy when you have at least one passenger with you on the journey.  

Cow-Pool is the same, you save thousands of dollars when you and at least one of your friends joins you along on an entire beef purchase.

Think about it … lets do the math:

Lets say in the past, you were buying 20 lbs of natural beef from Costco or Sam’s for $399, consuming it in one month.  This equals $4800 for 240 lbs of beef, right?

You can buy an entire 1000 lbs beef farm direct from us for thousands of dollars less and get much more beef.  If you are short on budget or freezer space, simply get with a friend and share it together.  

Many of our customers form “Cow-Pool” at work, with neighbors, or even with total strangers only met over social networks.

Special packages of 2 or more beef per delivery for Gym owners offering Cow-Pool to gym members. Medical and other healthcare facilities forming group purchases for first responder’s staff.  Very popular within police and fire stations, and military basis.  

We coined this term “Cow-Pool” decades ago.  It is the Smart and prudent way to spend your money wisely for Premium Beef.

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