Halal means good and wholesome. Nearly all natural foods are Halal.  In the example of drinking alcohol, while there is a possibility of some health benefits, there is a greater risk of health and social harm, therefore consumption or even the handling and sales of alcohol is Not Halal.

Pigs are excluded from other farm animals because of health risks. While these risks and pandemics are less frequent in recent decades, consumption of pork is Not Halal as a precaution.  Advanced science and discoveries are providing ample evidence of harm from eating pork. 

It is amazing watching a baby calf reaching 1000 lbs in size very quickly, or planting a small fruit tree that produces hundreds of pounds of fruits annually.   Nature is working for us, we only have to appreciate and respect it, and certainly protect it.

This applies when handling livestock even at time of slaughter. Respect and handle with care, and be gentle. Humane processing is Halal, not only for the sake of the animal, but also for our healthcare benefit. Handling of animals in such gentle and respectful manner removes fear and the release of bad / harmful enzymes, providing healthier and superior quality beef for consumption.

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