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What is included in 1/2 Beef and how much space is needed?


Everything from the hind and shoulder quarters are included.  Deboned Beef, bones, organs, fat, trim ... everything in your 1/2 beef is part of your delivery.

Unlike other farms that provide up to 70% of their beef as ground, at EdenFarms, we actually insure that you receive 85%+ of your beef as steaks and roasts, only limit ground beef to about 15%.  We also include all the other "goodies" so you can make your own fresh ground beef, knowing exactly what went into it!  Choose the type of cuts you like and control the amount of fat and trim, as well as your favorite dry or green seasonings ... fire up your grill ... you will have the most amazing burgers!

Beef Cuts
Every single beef cut is included in your 1/2 beef: Round - Fillet Mignon - New York Steaks - Flank Steaks - Plate - Knuckle - Top Sirloin - Round Eye - Shank - Chuck - Brisket - Sirloin - Ribs - Shoulder Clod - Rib Eye - See chart for cut location.  

We coordinate for excellent and efficient packaging requiring only minimal freezer space, yet offering maximum convenience at time of cooking, as beef is placed on small "meal size" packs.

1/2 beef only requires 4 - 5 cubic feet of freezer space**.  Large 1/2 beef from cattle over 800 pounds may require 6 - 7 cubic feet of space.  It is common for clients to take entire beef and fit it in the trunk of their cars at time of pickup.

* Some cuts may have irregular shape, such as the upper part of chuck.  We suggest to use such cuts either in ground beef, cut as beef cubes, or slice as Fajita.

** You will experience weight shrinkage by the process of aging.  The longer beef is aged, the less fluid content within the flesh, the higher the level of shrinkage and weight loss.  On the other hand, flavor, texture and taste are highly appreciated by aging process.





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