Natural Beef for healthier resultsGym & Fitness Program


Deep gratitude to Southern California Gyms who jump started our grass fed beef "Cow-Pool" program.  It is no secret, healthy bodies need strict healthy diet, and grass fed beef is one of the primary sources of nutritions ... now very affordable.


Here is how it works:

Gym owners, managers, or even active members can launch this program at your local fitness center.  An entire grass fed beef is processed, aged, deboned, and packaged four ways in four equal shares, each share includes all beef cuts, divided in eight master boxes, two per each share offered at a special bundle cost of $1599 for the entire cost of beef plus 4 x CSA boxes each filled with fresh fruits and vegetables in season.  The individual cuts are placed on "meal size portions" beef trays and labeled.  Once 4 members have listed their names on provided sign up sheet, delivery of your beef is coordinated usually within one week.   There is no limit to number of cattle you can order under this program, or frequency of orders.

Order NOW!  Click here.

Enhance your services to members of your fitness center with this program, and add value by saving each participating member an average of $1150 annually!   Perhaps more savings than the entire cost paid for membership at your gym ... now that is value!