Buy Grass Fed Beef directly from Ranch2Fork and Save Huge.

Change your buying habits from small weekly purchases at supermarkets to once or twice bulk purchases annually.  All you need is an extra freezer, most of our customers have one in the Garage. By making this change, you will buy twice as much beef, for 1/2 the price … plus you will give your family not only premium grade beef, but also much healthier natural and organic beef.

Our Farms will deliver to you premium Beef, dry aged to perfection, processed halal, the healthier and most humane way. Beef packaged in convenient meal size portion packs. Each pack is vacuum sealed or wrapped and labeled.

You get everything: All primary cuts as steaks, roasts, ground beef, even organs.  You also get the bones cut into small sections for soup and stock.

This size beef is perfect for one family who enjoys Premium quality beef, big thick juicy steaks, you will need about 14-20 cf chest freezer.  Two small families may share together 1/2 beef each, requiring only 7-10 cf chest freezer for each 1/2 beef.

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