Many of our new cleints are swtiching from buying beef on weekly basis from retail markets, coming directly to our farms and buying entire or 1/2 beef.  Often our new cleints discover new cuts and organs, ask us about how to best prepare.  Here are exciting recipes by renowned Chefs and some of our very own talented EdenFarms Clients posted on this page.  

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Dry Age Beef at home

Hint: We deliver your beef in Vacuum seal bags.
Use same bags for cuts you like to age further
keep in your Refrigerator for 1 to 4 weeks

How to Make Beef Brain

How to make Ground Beef Kabob 
Put ingredients with beef in your grinder at the same time

Ground Beef Kabob

How to marinate Beef

How to make Beef Sweetbread

How to make Beef Head meat

How to prepare Beef Head meat

How to make Corned Beef 

How to make Corned Beef

Beef Jerky
Hint: Make thin slices from Round cuts

How to make Beef Liver

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