Florida … We love you too

♥ Thank you so much, this is now my second steer I get from you, very impressed with the quaity and your services. Your driver as alwayes was very helpful, he helped my wife place all the boxes in our freezer. The dogs are enjoying the bones too.

Jon – St. Petersburg


♥ Just got home, meat looks fantastic! Thank you again. Matt – Deland


♥ It was wonderful working with you to make this happen. My wife and I have been wanting to purchase high quality beef for years and were never able to find a supplier who met our requirements. We’ll be returning in the future for our next order. I think our friends will be as well.

Peter – Orlando


♥ I’m so excited, the beef is just great, we grilled some ribeye steaks and they were delicious. 

Tommy – Orlando


♥ Two of my guys tried the meat last night and both have told me this morning that this is the best meat they have ever tasted.  We will definitely be placing another order.

When do you think you will be accepting orders again?

Penny – City Gym


♥ Thank you!!! Appreciate you and will support your local business for a long time. 

Thomas – Ocala


 ♥ I got 70 pounds of grass fed beef from another farm before and paid just under $2000!!! I don’t know how you delivered me 700 pounds beef for about the same price, yours was better quality beef and even had a label on each package, theirs did not.  THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

Maria – Tampa

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