What makes Paradise Ranch Grass Fed Cattle so special?


There are several factors that makes our beef cattle very special.  These factors contribute not only to many health benefits but also to the incredible taste and flavor.

Here are some of the factors:


 Young and healthy livestock.  Average age of processed cattle range from 1 1/2 to 2 years of age.  

 Grass Fed cattle.  Low in fat and Cholesterol, high in omega 3, grass fed and finished.

 Processed in the most Humane approach, following strict "Halal" method.  Handling of animals in such gentle and respectful manner removes fear and the release of bad / harmful enzymes, providing healthier and superior quality beef for consumption.

 Aging, by placing beef in cold storage just above freezing temperature with high airflow reducing level of liquids in the flesh.  This process makes the beef very tender and less "chewy".  Commercial beef is not aged, or only aged for a short time often under 12 hours.  

 Fresh Delivery.  We time our delivery so that you can pickup your beef cattle fresh and within hours from the time it was deboned, cut and packaged.  We can also arrange to flash freeze your beef if you are unable to pickup when ready, or require additional time.

Convenient packaging, having the entire beef deboned (except for New York Steaks and ribs which contain bones), placed on small beef packs, often the size of a single meal.  Each package is labeled, and each cattle is divided in two equal halves or four equal quarters for easy split up between friends or family members.

 Sealed Freshness.  Enhanced freshness and taste with either vacuum seal or double sealed freezer packaging*.  Our clients tell us how occasionally they may forget few packages of steaks or roasts at the bottom of their freezers for an extended time (2 years in some incidents) and as they prepared it, it tasted so good, absolutely no distinction from fresh beef that was received in days!


 Free Local Home Delivery Service We are pleased to offer you free local Home Delivery Service for all entire Beef orders - up to 25 miles from Temecula.  We coordinate delivery to pickup points for customers from Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas which may save you an hour drive each way. Also coordinate weekend pickup during light free traffic for your convenience.


* We may deliver in closed vacuum seal bags but not sealed for customer conveneince in the event customer wishes to slice cuts, further divide up primal cuts, or access cuts to prepare ground beef then seal bags at home.




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